Friday, 13 September 2013

Mystery Maryam d'Abo film

Here is another mystery clip and perhaps surprisingly so, because it is an unknown topless scene featuring Maryam D'abo.  The scene does not correspond with any of the films she is currently known for appearing topless in.

The scene was clipped in 1994 (either from TV or a video).  The dialogue is in English but it may have been dubbed, so it could be a French film originally.

In the scene she is topless as she sits down next to a man after taking off her top with her right breast briefly seen and then topless while sitting talking to him.  They are in part of a church or somewhere with stained-glass windows.

Maryam D'abo (MD): Everything will be as it was before and yet nothing will be the same
MAN: What are you talking about
MD: I'm going to spend this night with you, but it will never happen again
MAN: Never, but why? Afraid of your husband is that it?
MD: Why no I'm not frightened, we talked about you
MAN: What did you talk about?
MD: We talked about you and I
MAN: And he knows that we're here together?
MD: But of course, he agrees too
MAN: He agrees that you sleep with another .. (clip jump) And you then, you agree with him as well?  Go on I'm listening
MD: I've already told you
MAN: It makes it bearable with the old fogey
MD: Niseem(?). That's enough
MAN: That's right! Get dressed, I don't want you anymore

The name "Niseem" is a spelling guess, but in the context it is used it sounds like she is saying his name.  However none of the pre-1995 films she is listed for on IMDB have a character name listed similar to that.

Has anyone seen this scene identified before, or know the name of the actor, possibly a French actor?

Maryam d'Abo

Unknown Actor

Added full collage of the scene along with new research ...

Further research has uncovered a couple of possibilities which fit the date criteria.

A credits list on her agents website shows two French-made TV movies that don't appear on IMDB.  And her direct Spotlight link (given on the agent's site) also shows the same two films with a bit more information (her character names)
(It should be pointed out that neither credit list represents her complete filmography.  Nether, for example, mention "Xtro".)

In summary the two newly uncovered credits are:-

Title: Coup De Loeur - The Consul's Wife
Character: The Consul's Wife
Year: 1985
Television Channel: Antenne 2 (France)
Director: Pierre Lary

Title: The Scarecrow
Character: The Daughter
Year: 1984
Television Channel: Antenne 2 (France)
Director: Maroun Bagdadi

No further information can be found on either of these productions which don't seem to be mentioned anywhere else, not even in connection with the directors' credits.  If the clip is from one of them then the seeming obscurity might explain why the scene is not already widely known about.

It may be neither of these but if it were to be then possibly The Consul's Wife has better resonance since the credit shows she was playing "the consul's wife" and in the clip her husband is mentioned as if he was possibly an important man.

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